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Throughout the holiday periods we operate a number of exciting kids activities from our location at Hamilton College, Hamilton in Lanarkshire.


  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming
  • Basketball
  • Netball
  • Football
  • Racket Sports
  • Team Games

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One of the most popular activities to do at the SJB Sports Camps is the gymnastics sessions. Within the facilities that Hamilton college offers are fantastic Gymnastic Equipment from trampets, spring boards, pole-vault course as well as many more. The Kids will enjoy using the all the equipment under the safe eyes of all the coaching staff and as well as state of the art safety matts and equipment.

it not just the gymnastics equipment that makes this one of the most popular activities to do the coaching staff provide great learning games that allow all the participants to development many fundamental skills from balance, coordination, agility and many more skills.

Thanks SJB for a great school holiday camp.  Our son loved it and is ‘counting sleeps’ until the next one.

Alan Mason


Hamilton College sets itself above through the fantastic well maintained swimming pool. The 25 metre swimming pool that ranges from 3 ft in dept to 6ft in dept offers great environment for the any of the participants to enjoy themselves.

Again within the session the kid will be in safe hands of our lifeguard qualified coaches making sure the kids are enjoying themselves in the safest way possible.

Within the swimming session there is also many other swimming equipment the can use to enjoy themselves to the fullest from the diving board, swimming floats and noodles, water pistols and sinkers. All this equipment allows them to develop all swimming skills in a fun relaxed way that will benefit them in long run.

Basketball & Netball

Hamilton College has large amounts of facilities and equipment to allow large amounts of kid to participate in both basketball and netball at the one time. This results in both these sporting activities being popular too. Due to the large amounts of them and due to the difference in the type of equipment it allows off participants from young kids to older to participate and again develop their skills needed for both basket ball and netball.


Football is always popular for both younger, older and both boys and girls. The football session are always tailor made to be fun, challenging and beneficial for anyone that takes part. Once again the coaches ensure that everyone will enjoy themselves through the fun football related exercises as well as the actual games of football too. The facilities at the school allow the participants to do this at any holiday camp due to the great indoor facilities as well as the modern astro park within the school grounds as well.


Racket Sport

Badminton and Tennis are another two sporting activities that are seen at SJB. The variations in equipment allows either sport to be participated in and both can been done during the same day if chosen by the kid. Again the large variation in the equipment and experience in the coaching staff means that these sports again are available to all participants both both girls and boys of any age and ability.


Team Games

During the holiday camps we do not always offer just sports we also offer team games too. These team game vary drastically but always have a fun element to them but always allow the kids to develop fundamental skills that are used in everyday life as well as many many sports. Some of the team games range from Dodgeball, rounders, kickball, Variation of Tig games to name just a few one of the games that is plays is the camps on invented SJB ball, which embraces skills and rules from basketball, football and handball.


One of the great facilities at SJB camps location at Hamilton College is the outdoor playing fields and sports facilities that can be used. The great Grass and Astro parks allow us to do many activities outdoor such as football, tennis, rugby and all the team games available.

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Hamilton College, Bothwell Road, Hamilton ML3 0AY

SJB Sports Camps @ Hamilton College, Hamilton Lanarkshire

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